How to WIN at Work and Other Musing on Workplace Resilience

Every year an estimated 17 million work days are lost to stress , anxiety , depression and illness. The World Health Organization has named stress the health epidemic of the 21st century.  This lively interactive presentation takes a tough look at the workplace, how employers can respond and boost resilience and how you as an individual can rise to your best possible self- and be a Success at work. As such this workshop will benefit bosses, employees as well as clinicians.


  1. Identify and describe resilience and in particular resilience in the workplace
  2. Demonstrate 7 ways bosses can boost resilience in the workplace
  3. Identify 5 practices from Time-Boxing to Time Tracking that you can do to reduce stress at work
  4. Show how to look and feel like a WIN at work
  5. Provide clinicians with  cutting edge interventions for clients

Dr. Louise Stanger  | Ed.D, LCSW, CIP, CDWF



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