Dr. Thomas specializes in the treatment of substance use and mood disorders. He is a licensed psychologist, clinical director and supervisor at Boardwalk Recovery Center in San Diego, CA.

He is published in peer-reviewed meta-analysis research. The research includes studies of executive dysfunction and impulsivity in alcohol use disorder and treatment effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy-based interventions for late-life depression.

He is presently involved in an RTC study utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in combination with biofeedback for chronic pain and addiction.

In his clinical work, Dr. Thomas integrates research from clinical Neuropsychological Studies and the psychological flexibility processes of ACT to promote cognitive remediation in patients with substance use disorders.


1- To understand the associated impairments in the multifaceted domains of cognitive functioning in substance addicted patients.

2- To gain awareness of the duration of abstinence necessary to achieve cognitive recovery based on meta-analytic research findings.

3- To understand and apply the six core processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to promote cognitive remediation.

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Dr. William J. Thomas  | PHD

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