Addiction Related Cognitive Impairments and Recovery


Dr. Thomas specializes in the treatment of substance use and mood disorders. He is a licensed psychologist, clinical director and supervisor at Boardwalk Recovery Center in San Diego, CA. He is published in peer-reviewed meta-analysis research. The research includes studies of executive dysfunction and impulsivity in alcohol use disorder and treatment effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy-based interventions for late-life depression. He is presently involved in an RTC study utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in combination with biofeedback for chronic pain and addiction. In his clinical work, Dr. Thomas integrates research from clinical Neuropsychological Studies and the psychological [...]

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Addiction Is A Family Disease


When one member of a family is suffering from addiction/alcoholism, it is an indication that the transactional rules within the unit are dysfunctional. The symptoms or maladaptive behaviors that the addict or alcoholic presents are indicators of various emotional pains and fears that are not appropriately addressed or processed within the unit. More often than not, this is a multi-generational pattern of behavior. The entire family unit plays a role in such dysfunction and hidden subsets, hierarchies, dyads and triads must be identified in order to be restructured into a healthier family construct. It is easy to [...]

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Heroes Trauma Treatment


Heroes Track Proposed Protocol The Heroes Track is a trauma-focused modality created especially for active military, military veterans and first responders.  This population is unique in their experiences within their career fields, their transitions back as civilians, possible loss of identity and reintegration into their family systems and social circles.  There is also the struggle with the stigma of military personnel and first responders seeking mental health assistance that keeps these individuals silent in their own interpersonal wars. As a result, many turn to drugs and alcohol to ease the emotional pain and debilitating symptoms that present.  [...]

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The Art of Public Speaking


The Art of Public Speaking This presentation is designed to help the participant understand the basics of delivering a public presentation. You will learn how to let fear work for you, not against you. It will also cover how preparation is the mainstay of combating your nerves. You will be given the fundamental formula of speech presentation and “The 7 Don'ts” when standing at the lectern.  Objectives: Identify and describe the 7 don’ts when standing at the lectern Understanding the basics of giving a public presentation Identify and describe how you can use fear as an asset [...]

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How to WIN at Work


How to WIN at Work and Other Musing on Workplace Resilience Every year an estimated 17 million work days are lost to stress , anxiety , depression and illness. The World Health Organization has named stress the health epidemic of the 21st century.  This lively interactive presentation takes a tough look at the workplace, how employers can respond and boost resilience and how you as an individual can rise to your best possible self- and be a Success at work. As such this workshop will benefit bosses, employees as well as clinicians.  Objectives: Identify and describe resilience [...]

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