Frequently Asked Questions

Is detox considered treatment?
Detox is just the beginning of the treatment process. This level of care is medically necessary to help individuals manage withdrawal symptoms and detox from substances safely under close medical supervision. Continued treatment at the next level of care provides individuals with knowledge about the disease process, healthy coping skills, the underlying causes of addiction and relapse prevention.

What can I expect on the first few days of detox?
On the first day of detox, you will meet an internal medicine physician who will complete a thorough assessment and History & Physical. Through these assessments the treatment team will identify any medical issues or other needs that should be addressed and determine your plan of care during the detox process. You will be assigned a counselor who will discuss the initial therapeutic goals for your treatment experience, facilitate discharge planning, encourage group attendance, provide education, and offer ongoing emotional support.

What is the detox unit like?
The detox unit is in a hospital based setting located on the 3rd floor of Menifee Global Medical Center. Each patient is assigned a private room with a personal bathroom during their stay. The unit is beautifully decorated, and designed to provide a sense of serenity during the detox process. A large lounge with beautiful views serves as an area to visit with loved ones, gather with other patients for movies and therapeutic groups, and provide a quiet area for self-reflection.

What can I expect when receiving treatment at Global Medical Detox?
You can expect to see a licensed provider on a daily basis to manage your withdrawal symptoms and establish a safe and effective medically supervised detoxification. The nursing staff is available 24-hours a day to provide care as set forth by the doctor, as well as assist you with other special needs. Groups are facilitated daily and provide valuable knowledge and personal insight regarding the important steps necessary for maintaining long-term recovery.

What are the visiting hours and how can family get in touch with me?
Global Medical Detox has modified our visitor policy; until further notice, we are currently NOT ACCEPTING VISITORS.
Patients are unable to keep their cell phone with them during their stay, however, they do have access to unit phones to keep in touch with family.

What is a Counselor?
A Counselor will be assigned to you upon admission through discharge. He/she will check-in with you to set daily goals, encourage groups, discuss discharge planning, and address other needs during your stay. Counselors provide education, crisis intervention, problem-solving, emotional support, and resources during your stay.